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Smart Cities India 2018-Brokerage Event

Conference Programme

Day 1: 10 May 2017
Time Room A
1000-1100 hrs Opening Ceremony
1100-1130 hrs Networking break
1130-1300 hrs Inaugural Conference Session: Smarter Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
1300-1400 hrs Lunch
Time Room A: Urban Planning
1400-1530 hrs Session: City Planning

To be decided

Knowledge Partner Presentation:
from Pwc

Keynote Speaker:
from Oracle

• Mr. Adrien Defosse, Landscape Architect, Troisieme Paysage, Paris
• Mr. Ashish Mathur, Managing Director, JUSCO
• Mr. Christian Bardon, President & CEO, Votre City, Monaco
• Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Parikh, Executive Director, Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe), India
• Mr. Marcus Jeutner, Research Associate, Institute for Urban and Regional Planning / Partner, insar consult, Germany
• Mr. Surya Jeedigunta, CEO, 3P Foundation, India
• Mr. Pier Roberto Remitti, Team Leader, GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Turkey

Discussion Points:
• Mission to transform nation
• Challenges in implementing mission
• Vision and goals
• Strategic plans and roadmap
• Essential elements
• Pan city or area based development
• Engaging citizens to achieve goals
1530-1545 hrs Networking break
1545 -1715 hrs Session: Urban Design: Role of Architecture

Chair: Prof. Chetan Vaidya, Director, School of Planning and Architecture, India

Keynote Speaker: Ms. Sheila Sri Prakash, Founder, Shilpa Architects, India

• Mr. Rajendra Kumar, Principal Architect, Architect Rajendra Kumar & Associates, India
• Mr. Sebastian Elsen, Associate Dean, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, India
• Ms. Meera Malegaonkar, Director, BEEE Design Hub, India
• Mr. Amit Khanna, Design Principal, AKDA, India
• Mr. Ilija Vukorep, Professor (Digital Design), Brandenburg Technical University, Architect / Co-Founder, LOMA, Germany
• Mr. Damian Wagner, Senior Project Manager-Smart Cities, Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), Germany
• Mr. Andreas Binkert, Vice President, Nuesch Development, Switzerland

Discussion Points:
• Refurbishment of existing cities
• Pan city or region wise development
• Design for new cities/townships
• Urban landscaping

Day 2: 11 May 2017
Time Room A: Urban Planning
1000-1130 hrs Session: Communication Network and Infrastructure

Chair: Dr. Rajan Mathews, Director General, COAI, India

Keynote Speaker:
Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department
Government of Telangana*

CEO Speaks:
Dr Nikhil Agarwal, CEO, Innovation Society, IT, Electronics & Communications Department, Govt. of AP, India

• Mr. Kiran Solipuram, Sr. Solutons Consultant, Cyient, Australia
• Dr. Krishna Kumar, Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Ryerson University and Founder and President of iSac Systems, Canada
• Mr. Vipin Tyagi, Èxecutive Director, C-DOT, India
• Lt Gen (Dr) SP Kochhar, (Retd),CEO, Telecom Sector Skill Council, India
• Mr. Vinay Thapliyal, Head – MCU & LoRa, STMicroelectronics India
• Mr. Jens Hauggaard, Sales Manager, MinebeaMitsumi, Switzerland
• Speaker from Mediatek*
• Speaker from Sterlite*

Discussion Points:
• Resource and network management
• Quality of service mechanisms for wireless networks
• Integration and co-existence of technologies and networks
• Sensor technologies and applications
• Wireless networks
• Experimental network measurements and characterization for data traffic
1130-1145 hrs Networking break
1145 -1315 hrs Session: Translating IoT into Innovation and Better Services

Moderator: from PwC

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Brian J. Kracik, Sr. Director, Product Marketing Enterprise and Cloud Solutions, Oracle, Inc.

• Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, Sr. VP Engineering and R &D Services, Happiest Mind Technologies
• Mr. Pavan Kolahal, Engagement Manager, Ericsson, India
• Mr. Uttam Kumar, Head-New Technologies Innovation and Incubation (Mobile, Entreprise and Banking), Aircel Ltd., India
• Mr. Chirag Jain, Founder and CEO, Get My Parking, India
• Mr. Juergen Hase, CEO, Unlimit by Reliance, India
• Mr. Parag Wate, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT), Germany
• Mr. Prasoon Sharma, MD, ZTEsoft, India & South Asia
• Mr. Ramakrishna Dasari, Managing Director & CEO at Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd., India
• Mr. Vivek Sharma, MD, STMicroelectronics, India
• Mr. Venkata Mane Program Manager, Velocity, U&G, Cyient Ltd., India

Discussion Points:
• Smart, connected products are brining urban transformation
• Data-driven business models creating new revenue streams
• Power of IoT and M2M technology
• Convergence of the digital and physical world
• Comparison from a universal standard
• Cloud enables IoT innovation?
• Human intervention with smart devices and technologies
1315-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1530 hrs Session: Building Safe and Secure Cities

Chair: Mr. NSN Murty, Executive Director & Leader, Smart Cities , PwC, India

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Joel Cherkis, GVP, Infrastructure, Education and Health, Oracle
Special Address: Shri Mahesh Giri, Member of Parliament, Govt. of India*

• Mr. Rajesh Mathur, Advisor, ESRI, India
• Mr. Brijesh Malik, Vice President - Business Development, Dehn India Pvt. Ltd., India
• Mr. Kamal Arora, Sales Director, Honeywell Building Solutions, India • Speaker from Hitachi
• Shri Amulya Patnaik, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Delhi, India*
• Shri Hanif Qureshi, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Faridabad, India*
• Shri Sandeep Khirwar, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Gurugram, India*
• Dr. Sanjay Bahl, ICERT, India*
• Smt. Lalitha Kumaramangalam, Chairperson, National Commission for Women, India*

Discussion Points:
• Safety in urban environment
• Emerging challenges to human and national security
• Women safety
• Smart policing
• Law enforcement
• Developing smart security solutions
• Application of GIS technology
• Cyber security risk management
1530-1545 hrs Networking break
1545-1715 hrs Session: e-Governance for Smart Cities

Chair: Shri Gaurav Dwivedi, IAS, CEO, MyGov, India*

Special Address: Shri J. K. Dadoo, IAS, Additional Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India

CEO Speaks:
• Ms. S. Radha Chauhan, President & CEO, National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India*

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Jakub Polec, MEA - Digital Transformation Program Manager, Oracle

Lead Speaker: Shri Anand Madia, Secretary of State, e-Governance, Govt. of Sikkim, India

• Dr. Shalini Urs, Founder Chairperson, Myra School of Business, India
• Ms. Mateja Geder, Managing Director, GraVita Media, Slovenia
• Mr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty, Vice President & Head: Government Industry Solutions Unit ( ISU ), Tata Consultancy Services, India
• Mr. Sushovon Saha, e-Governance Specialist Consultant for Smart Cities and Digital India, Ex- Chairman, CSI Dehradun Chapter, India
• Mr. Umesh Jain, Founder, AasPaas, India
• Mr Viraj Tyagi, CEO, eGovernments Foundation, India • Mr. Nitin Akhaury, Managing Director, Decos Asia, India

Discussion Points:
• Minimum government and maximum governance
• Citizen’s engagements in building good governance
• Capacity building through e-Governance
• Urban local governance: have reforms been effective?

Day 3: 12 May 2017
Time Room A: Urban Planning
1000-1130 hrs Session: Solid waste management in cities

Chair: Shri A.B. Akolkar, Member Secretary, CPCB, India*

Lead Speaker: Mr. Kulwant Singh, Founder, 3R Waste Foundation, India

• Mr. R. Rajmohan, Chief Executive Officer, Development Environergy Services Limited, India
• Mr. Siddharth Hande, Founder & CEO, Kabadiwalla Connect, India
• Mr. R Venkateswaran, Sr. Vice President, Presistent Systems Ltd., India
• Mr. Milen Volkmar, Director-International Sales and Innovation, Germany
• Ms. Pinky Chandran, Director, Jain University and Member, SWMRT, India
• Dr. Panagiotis Karamanos, Team Leader, EU Technical Cooperation for Environment in India Project, New Delhi, India
• Mr. Alexandra Knezovich, Program Manager, Toilet Board Coalition, Switzerland
• Mr. Ravi Aggarwal, Director, Toxic Links, India*
• Ms. Bharati Chaturvedi, Director, Chintan, India*

Discussion Points:
• Waste management: current approaches, gaps, solutions
• Waste collection, segregation and characterization
• Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle
• Landfill management
• Swacch Bharath / Clean India programmes
1130-1145 hrs Networking break
1145 -1315 hrs Session: Role of Geospatial Technologies in Enabling Smart Cities - by Geospatial Media & Communications

• Mr. Sanjay Sahay, Vice President-Sales, Cyient ltd., India

Discussion points:
• Enhancing awareness about geospatial technology benefits in city mechanisms and increasing adoption across various smart city pillars
• Challenges that urban development and planning authorities face in effective technology implementation
• Importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) creating a sustainable smart city
• Aligning their existing technology knowledge + capacities of human resources to strengthen geospatial capacities
• Enhancing collaboration between authorities, business and citizens; collaboration between city professionals, technology and service providers; since a great vision, leadership, governance and execution will enable smart cities.
• Making use of the huge amount of data generated by mobile phones as an asset to city government
• Synergy between urban administrations and private sector to facilitate technology transfer
• Role of Big Data and IOT
1315-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1530 hrs Session: Health and the Cities

Chair: Shri Alok Kumar, (IAS), Adviser, (Administration/Health/FR/Nutrition, WCD, Industry), Niti Aayog, Govt. of India*
Keynote Address: Speaker from Bosch, India

Spl Addresses: Dr. Henk Bekedam, WHO Representative to India
CEO Speaks: Dr. Jitendar Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Andhra Med Tech Zone, India

• Mr. Meiling Geo, Chief Operating Officer, Clarity Movement Co., USA
• Mr. Jagdish Harsh, CMD, Mobiloitte, India
• Ms. Monalisa Sen, ICLEI, India
• Ms. Prarthna Borah, Clean Air Asia, India*
• National Health Missions*

Discussion Points:
• Emerging issues in urban environmental health
• Age friendly cities
• Services and capacity for public health
• Climate change and air pollution
• Innovation to create self-aware and smart healthy cities
• Citizens responsibility in creating healthy cities
1530-1545 hrs Networking break
1545-1715 hrs
Smart Citie India Awards 2016
While Indian cities are bracing up for the challenge to enter the next list of Smart Cities, we invite citizens to be a part of Smart City mission. 2nd edition of Smart Cities India Awards 2017 support citizen centric smart city solutions and offers a unique opportunity to showcase products, solutions and services in designing sustainable and resilient cities. The objective of Smart Cities India Awards 2017 is to provide, felicitate and encourage individuals, policy makers, companies, government bodies and associations to design and develop cities they want to live in.
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