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Smart Cities India 2018 expo

Smart Cities India 2018-Brokerage Event

Call for Papers

Looking at smart city as a holistic ecosystem, the conference technical committee invite abstracts on the following topics:

City planning

  Missions to transform nation
  Challenges in implementing mission
  Vision and goals
  Strategic plans and roadmap
  Essential elements
  Pan city or area based development
  Engaging citizens to achieve goals

Urban Design: Role of Architecture

  Refurbishment of existing cities
  Pan city or region wise development
  Design for new cities/townships
  Urban landscaping

Communication network and infrastructure

  Resource and network management
  Quality of service mechanisms for wireless networks
  Integration and co-existence of technologies and networks
  Sensor technologies and applications
  Wireless networks
  Experimental network measurements and characterization for data traffic

Translating IoT into innovation and better services

  Smart, connected products are brining urban transformation
  Data-driven business models creating new revenue streams
  Power of IoT and M2M technology
  Convergence of the digital and physical world
  Comparison from a universal standard
  Cloud enables IoT innovation?
  Human intervention with smart devices and technologies

Technologies for safety and security

  Developing smart security solutions
  Application of GIS technology
  Cyber security risk management

e-Governance for smart cities

  Minimum government and maximum governance
  Citizen’s engagements in building good governance
  Capacity building through e-Governance
  Urban local governance: have reforms been effective?

Citizen safety

  Safety in urban environment
  Emerging challenges to human and national security
  Women safety
  Smart policing
  Law enforcement

Solid waste management in cities

  Waste management: current approaches, gaps, solutions
  Waste collection, segregation and characterization
  Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle
  Landfill management
  Clean India Mission

Health and the Cities

  Emerging issues in urban environmental health
  Age friendly cities
  Services and capacity for public health
  Climate change and air pollution
  Innovation to create self-aware and smart healthy cities
  Citizen’s responsibility in creating healthy cities
Abstract Submission Form

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting the abstract:

  • The Conference technical committee will review all abstracts that have been submitted on time and in the correct format
  • The sessions are of the panel discussions format with one keynote presentation. The call for papers is open only for panelist opportunity and not for making the power point presentations. The keynote slots are reserved for contributions covering a wider scope which are of interest to audience and address the progress and novelties within the topic. All the panellists are required to submit the presentation by certain deadline after acceptance of the abstract.
  • Speakers will be notified of the outcome of their submission by email after 3 weeks of deadline.
  • Abstract Submission deadline is 28th February, 2018
  • Please avoid double submissions. In case you would like to replace or adjust your previously submitted abstract, please send the new version through email.
  • Please make sure the entries you are making should be correct as it will used for promotion till the end of the expo
  • Applications send by other means will not be accepted.
  • Commercial texts promoting particular products will not be accepted.
  • All information is to be provided in English only
  • Co-Presenters are not allowed
  • Organizer does not cover travel, accommodation and ground logistics costs but speakers enjoy free charge registration for entire event
  • Speakers must be aware that the Conference Technical Committee reserves the right to cancel their participation if they do not comply with these guidelines that will be sent at the end of the selection procedure.

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