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autoX, fuelled by passionate motoring junkies since September 2006, is the fastest growing automotive lifestyle publication & portal in India.
Our reviews meet the highest standards of editorial quality & integrity – and we’re fortunate that readers rate the quality of our content among the best in the motoring world globally.

Through our comprehensive tests and unique features, we strive to put our readers in the driver’s seat of the most exciting industry in the country. Everything we do is driven by: Heart. Soul. Passion. Emotion.

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Convergence Plus Asian Surveying & Mapping

Asian Surveying & Mapping (ASM) reports on surveying, positioning, GIS and remote sensing in Asia and the Pacific region. ASM is a weekly email newsletter and a news website.

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Cities TodayCities Today

Cities Today is the global magazine on sustainable urban development, connecting local governments with public and private sector solutions. With an expert editorial advisory board comprising the World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNEP, and city associations ICLEI, C40, Eurocities, Sister Cities International, UCLG ASPAC, UCLG-MEWA, UCLG Africa and FLACMA, the publication highlights the challenges facing city leaders and local governments in mobility, finance, smart technology, health care, energy efficiency, water, sanitation, security and housing.

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Convergence Plus Convergence Plus

Convergence Plus is a comprehensive online platform providing reliable and valuable information on the Indian and Global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, covering broadcast, cable & satellite, entertainment, information security, information technology, mobility, and telecom, etc.

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Convergence Plus Construction Sphere

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Energy Today Energy Today

Energy Today is a professional organization offering quality services to its clients. As the energy sector is gaining importance in the Indian economy, the Indian government is taking many policy related decisions to overcome the challenges faced by Indian energy sector.

Through Energy Today we keep energy professionals updated with the latest developments in the energy sector, and take the best decisions for their companies.

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Energy Trend Force EnergyTrend

EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce Corp., is a global market research firm that provides analysis in solar, lithium battery, xEVs and related applications. EnergyTrend has been a leading website on green news since 2010, dedicated to provide market intelligence, and deliver price information on the green/ renewable energy industry. Currently EnergyTrend has three language sites namely English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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Events Venues & Avenues Events Venues & Avenues

Events Venues & Avenues (EVNA) is a publication for the MICE industry. It offers in-depth analysis of the trends in India vis-à-vis those at the international level, with expert insights and comprehensive coverage showcasing top notch trade fairs and those who make them happen. From concept to implementation, the A to Z of organising events are featured in detail, making the publication a one-stop ready reckoner.

EVNA is a top of the mind resource for complete and quality data at all times. EVNA is helmed by a team with hands on experience of the MICE industry. It leverages their expertise to link event organisers and service providers through its pages, featuring reliable and reputed firms. EVNA is published by Aditya Media, part of the Aditya Group, a multifaceted media platform with over 16 years’ experience in publishing niche industry publications.

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EcoConstruction IndiaEcoConstruction India

EcoConstruction India is another media brand from OmniMedia Group. EcoConstruction India follows the foot steps of EcoConstruction Spain, which has been doing good work in Spain since 2006.

EcoConstruction India is a print and digital platform focused on sustainable buildings, construction and infrastructures. EcoConstruction India covers innovation and trends in bioclimatic architecture, smart buildings, passive houses, sustainable urban and rural architecture, green planning, construction, rehabilitation and recycling and infrastructures. EcoConstruction India provides in depth information on the complete lifecycle of a building and its surroundings, from planning to demolition.

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Energetica IndiaEnergetica India

Energetica India is a leading technical magazine for renewable and conventional power generation, transmission and distribution in India. Energetica India covers the latest news, outstanding product developments, new technologies, plant reports and other important topics for the energy market. The digital version of the magazine and the weekly e-newsletter are read by more than 90,000 professionals worldwide. Energetica India is the only renewable energy portal to have live updates from conferences. Its website is globally ranked among the top 10 energy websites.

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Fire Middle EastFire Middle East Magazine

Fire Middle East magazine and website provides the most successfully integrated media platform in the Middle East region. This quarterly magazine is the leading publication for fire and safety professionals across the GCC and Middle East with a verified circulation of 14,000 and wider readership of over 42,000 fire fighters, engineers, installers, integrators, suppliers and buyers. The web site is ranked No1 on most major search engines and receives over 15,000 hits per month, providing a one stop shop for news and products for installers and buyers in the region.

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In AWE Towards GreenIn AWE

In AWE is an online Magazine on Green Initiatives, launched on Earth Day, 22nd April 2014. It covers a wide range of subjects from Green Buidings, Technology, Green Products, CSR Activities, Environment Practices, Events, Conferences, Seminars, Profiles, Art and Organic, Smart Cities etc.

It bridges the gap of information between the macro and micro, spreading knowledge and information of everything about Sustainability , Environment, and Energy Effeciency, beyond Metropolitans to Tier1 and Tier2 Cities. It has a wide range of resource content such as Presentation papers, Case studies, Practices being followed by the Companies for easy reference for everyone from students, practising architects,engineers , builders to retailers.

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iData InsightsiData Insights

iData Insights, which operates under Precision Research and Consulting Private Limited, is a marketing research consulting firm. Our efforts help companies to create and improve products and services based on what the market desires. We conduct primary and secondary research, and provide actionable recommendations and expertise for business success today and tomorrow. Our goal is to partner our clients in their exploration and discovery, and then guide in the implementation of changes that will make a difference to their bottom line.

Our team of highly trained syndicated analysts create research reports, newsletters, magazines, directories and online databases, which provide customers with broad technical and market trends in the energy sector. Our research, and competitive and market intelligence studies, provides specific in-depth intelligence to ensure that customers succeed in their undertaking.

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Juniper ResearchJuniper Research

Juniper specialises in identifying and appraising new high growth market sectors within the mobile ecosystem. Market sizing and forecasting are the cornerstones of our offering, together with competitive analysis, strategic assessment and business modelling. We endeavor to provide independent and impartial analysis of both current and emerging opportunities via a team of dedicated specialists – very knowledgeable, experienced and experts in their field. Juniper Research focuses on the following industries: Mobile Content & Applications, Mobile Commerce, Devices and Technologies, Mobile Markets & Strategies and IP, Broadband & TV.

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 Led & Solar Universe Led & Solar Universe

B2B Universe is not merely a publication. It is a link between you and all other participants of the Telecom Industry, be it a manufacturer, service provider, importer of handsets, accessories, batteries / chargers, spare parts, software dongles, training institutes or any other participants in telecom trade. It is our endeavor to provide our readers, latest information about the developments in our industry.

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Inaugurated in April 2013, is a world-class news and resource portal of the latest machine-to-machine (m2m) and Internet of things (iot) information. is an initiative in the domain of machine-to-machine (m2m) technologies and Internet of things (iot) and its applications on key Industry verticals namely, automotive, automation, electronics, healthcare, oil & gas, security, supply chain, telecom, transportation, telematics and utilities. has a very high quality collection of resources and references such as: articles, case studies, white papers, videos, and interviews from across verticals of the machine-to-machine (m2m) and Internet of things (iot) eco-system and value chain. The portal is an interactive medium for machine-to-machine (m2m) and Internet of things (iot) stakeholders to connect through several innovative mediums like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. is a part of Origin Business Services Private Limited.

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RE News IndiaRE News India
RE News India is a trusted source of quality content for India business news and upcoming opportunities for the renewable energy industry. The subjects are focused on solar / wind / hydro / biomass / biofuel and geothermal energy.

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Security UniverseSecurity Universe

B2B Universe is not merely a publication. It is a link between you and all other participants of the Telecom Industry, be it a manufacturer, service provider, importer of handsets, accessories, batteries / chargers, spare parts, software dongles, training institutes or any other participants in telecom trade. It is our endeavor to provide our readers, latest information about the developments in our industry.

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Smart EnergySmart Energy Magazine

Smart Energy is an international magazine reaching the renewable energy market in India and worldwide. Published bi-monthly, the magazine provides the latest information pertaining to generation, transmission and distribution of energy from renewable resources including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydro energy. The magazine also focuses on environmental issues, energy sustainability, energy conservation, energy efficiency and climate change.

The content is focussed on the needs of engineers, senior executives, managers and professionals from the renewable energy industry. Every issue carries comprehensive news analysis, information of new product launches, feature stories, profiles and interviews of key players influencing the renewable energy industry.

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Solar QuarterSolar Quarter

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Sustainability NextSustainability Next
Sustainability Next is India’s leading e-magazine on adopting sustainability practices and developing innovative products and services for India and the global market. The 18 month old e-magazine has been raising the level of conversion / transformation of organizations, entrepreneurs and graduate students to the idea of corporate and individual responsibility. The content is peer-driven.

The e-magazine is available on, and As of September 2014, it is read by more than 40,000 readers across the country.

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The PowerThe Power Times

Our definitive portal, The Power Times, provides information and news on power generation, transmission and distribution entities. There is in-depth coverage of projects, contracts and business news, to technological innovations and improvements, and to future market trends.
We offer technology focused e-newsletters, company search via online product and company directories. Other facilities include job postings, events calendar, interactive news commentary, blogging, social media connections, technology basics and much more.

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Total Energy InformaticsTotal Energy Informatics

Energy may be considered as one of the fundamental elements, and 'energy' is the domain of Total Energy Informatics. Our unmatched quality, with a profound understanding of the energy sector, makes & TEI – Energy Outlook, an intelligent information source of choice for companies looking for business opportunities in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, refinery, pipeline & water sectors.

Excellent business information is a must-have tool for anyone seriously building a profitable business, and we at strive to provide that kind of intelligent information.

Our aim remains to re-define project information sourcing and, no one does it better than us, as we provide quality information at the right time for our subscribers to win a share of on-going projects.

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Trade BriefsTrade Briefs

Trade Briefs, backed by 500 Startups in Silicon Valley, is an online media company and premium B2B publisher with 8, 00,000+ subscribers in India, including over 60,000+ CXOs.

We help you understand trends in IT, retail, FMCG, telecom, finance, digital media, E-commerce, HR, logistics, construction, franchising and other areas of business.

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Urban UpdateUrban Update

Urban Update magazine aspires to play a special role — that of a primary, indispensable link among stakeholders connected to urban development, and reinforces the magazine’s vision of evangelizing urban infrastructure, governance, culture and sustainability. In pursuit of this mission, the magazine offers:

  • Accurate, fair and consistent reporting on issues to help readers take informed decisions
  • Highlight accomplishments, challenges and experiences of cities to inspire others to stay involved in their communities
  • Promote global understanding of city management, and thereby promote community wisdom
  • Exercise the highest journalistic standards to produce a publication, which is informative, interesting and trustworthy
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Wind IinsiderWind Insider

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