City Leaders Conclave

The pandemic resulted in widespread turbulence across the world. As part of an emergency response to the pandemic, Indian government leveraged its Smart Cities Mission (SCM) to enable cities to effectively leverage technology in improving citizen services and overall quality of life. Being future-ready is the aim of India’s SCM. Indian cities witnessed a mammoth challenge in containing the virus while ensuring safety and security of its citizens. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the existing smart city models proved their agility and ability to handle the challenge in executing various projects where use of technologies in cities, waste and sludge treatment, energy saving, low carbon transport systems, command control systems etc. proved to be helpful.

Even in the face of a public health crisis, social unrest, massive budget shortfalls, and mounting climate disasters, the city leaders are innovating and taking bold steps to tackle their cities’ most pressing challenges. The City Leaders have employed new ideas and tools, in a very short time, leaving no scope for trials and errors. While responding to an unknown crisis of this scale, cities have strived to maintain the delicate balance between life and economic well-being as both ultimately meant the same thing precious human lives had to be saved at all costs, and the quality of life of its citizens has to be improved.

The task of City Leaders to steer and shape their city’s destiny has never been so crucial and ‘City Leaders Conclave’ is designed to hear directly from our City Leaders about their experiences, challenges, way forward. How different Smart Cities Mission 2.0 will be from 1st phase? How can we work on a collaboration approach more effectively? How the mission is comforting industry participation? What can we do to make Indian cities more investor-friendly?

Event Agenda
Panel Discussion – Ambassador's Perspective on Sustainable Smart Cities
  • Setting the scene on Smart Cities from a global perspective
  • Evolution of global policies
  • Best practices for national and international collaboration
  • Indian perspective on working towards sustainable and inclusive cities

1055-1100hrs Networking Break

Panel Discussion: Empowering Smart City Leaders
  • Addressing the challenges of urban governance
  • The way forward: Integrated action by multiple agencies
  • Roadblocks faced by city leaders
  • The future of the Smart City SPV

1155-1200hrs QA Session

1200-1215hrs Networking and Coffee Break

Presentations: Funding and Financing Smart City Projects
  • Challenge of paying for ongoing Smart Cities projects
  • How to access funding allocated to Smart Cities?
  • How private sector investment or PPP Models can help in sustainable development?
  • How can smart cities play a critical role towards achieving a $5 Trillion economy
  • How to monetize Smart City assets, and is data an asset?
Presentations: Lessons Learnt From 100 Smart Cities
  • Examining the progress of the 100 smart cities, and key lessons learned
  • How collaboration can help achieve efficiency and move toward future cities?
  • How to take these learnings to cities across the country

1300-1400hrs Lunch and Networking Break

Panel Discussion: Creating an Inclusive World one Smart City at a Time
  • How can cities be inclusive
  • How to neutralize inequality in a city
  • What do citizens really want from a Smart City
  • Are cities the outcome of our collective imagination?
  • The Human side of a Smart City

1455-1515hrs QA Session


Ankit Asthana
Ankit Asthana, IAS
Chief Executive Officer
Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited
Athar Amir Khan (IAS)
Athar Amir Khan (IAS)
Commissioner SMC & CEO
Srinagar Smart City Limited
Rishav Gupta
Rishav Gupta, IAS
Chief Executive Officer
Indore Smart City Development Limited
Charmie  Parekh, DANICS
Charmie Parekh, DANICS
Chief Executive Officer
Silvassa Smart City Limited
Sanjay Kolte
Dr. Sanjay G Kolte
Chief Executive Officer
Pune Smart City Limited
Amit  Kumar, IAS
Amit Kumar, IAS
Chief Executive Officer
Ranchi Smart City Corporation Ltd.
Anshul  Gupta, IAS
Anshul Gupta, IAS
Executive Director
Ujjain Smart City Limited
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